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Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

We Sue Debt Collectors under the FDCPA at no cost to you

Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

We Sue Debt Collectors under the FDCPA at no cost to you

We make debt collectors pay!

Our consumer protection law firm can tell you in under 2 minutes whether the debt collector has violated your rights; if so, you might be entitled to up to $1000 in cash compensation from the debt collector.


Debt Collection Harassment

Do you receive non-stop telephone calls?
Threats that are verbally abusive or insulting?

Our attorneys have dealt with thousands of consumer cases in the same position you are now. We have yet to find one that didn’t plan to pay the loan back when they borrowed the money.


Illegal Debt Collections

Have they made any threats they don’t intend to take?
Asked anyone about information about you?

 The law against Collection Abuse, the FDCPA was passed by Congress to stop collection exploitation by preventing collection agencies from stepping over the line while collecting debts. The law forces non-compliant debt collectors to pay you money and your attorney fees when they break the law. There is no cost to you – We make the debt collectors pay.


Illegal Collection Calls

Have they contacted a third party such as a friend or a loved one?
Did they disclose to someone that you owe money?

There is abundant evidence of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many debt collectors. Abusive debt collection practices contribute to the number of personal bankruptcies, marital instability, the loss of jobs, and individual privacy invasions.

Contact our office today to get the Debt Collection Harassment Protection you deserve.

Debt Collectors Hate Us! let us show you why!

you might be a victim

If you are, you might be entitled to damages.

Hyslip Legal has a reputation for knowing how to fight for your rights and do our best to get you maximum legal recovery. Congress forces the collection agency to pay our fees, so you never have to pay a dime. The best part is the harassment significantly diminishes or stops altogether. In some cases, we can even get the debt wiped clean. So call today!

how we work

After you retain our Multi-Jurisdictional Law Firm, we'll take care of the Debt Collectors that are Harassing you in a flash. We defend your legal rights to the fullest extent of the law and make the debt collectors hate us!

Our consumer rights lawyers have been hand-selected and underwent a grueling interview process. We only hire the best, the proven, and the distinguished consumer rights defenders.

We ensure every angle of your case is evaluated, reviewed, and repeatedly analyzed by our qualified attorneys. Many firms handle these cases in high volume; we do not. You will always feel like our only client.


jeffrey hyslip

Jeffrey has extensive litigation experience in Federal Courts throughout the United States.  He also has written extensively on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  Jeffrey is regularly consulted by the media, his peers and consumers on legal issues involving debt collection harassment and telephone abuse by telemarketers.

As one of the most recognizable names in the consumer protection legal field, Jeffrey is extremely proud of Hyslip Legal’s success in representing its clients.

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